Hello! My name is Alina Shafii. I am a full-time Designer & a part-time pants wearer. Let's be BFF's.


About  ✎

I am a Designer and Lettering Artist based in Atlanta, but before that I grew up in an itsy-bitsy town called Live Oak, Florida. After growing into a person, I studied Graphic Design at the University of Florida. I love mixing traditional lettering skills with humor to create engaging and meaningful work.

If you would like to be my best friend I am currently accepting applications. To be considered, please fill out an application here: The Official Keepers of Friendship Friendship, LLC™ Application. If you would like more information on what kind of BFF I am, please feel free to email me directly.

Find Me ✌︎

@alinashafii alina.m.shafii@gmail.com